Studies show that more than 50% of the houses from the United States of America are affected by mold. Why should this interest you? Well, if you are a parent, then you already know that your kids spend most of their time indoors, at home, at the school or at one of their friends’ house. Experts state that mold poisoning is one of the main causes of health issues in children, because exposure to the fungus can lead to complex health problems.

Actually, doctors state that mold is the #1 threat to kids worldwide. Are you surprised to find out this?  

When it is mold in a house, one of the family members will definitely show signs of sickness. In the majority of cases, the children are the ones who feel the effects of this noxious fungus. Even if you cannot see mold, if it is hidden in your house, its spores will get into the air and they will cause allergic reactions. Allergies are the natural defense of the body against foreign particles, it is also a warning sign you should not ignore. The allergy can be only the first symptom of complex health issues your children can experience.

Why is mold a danger for the health of children?

Mold does not affect only children, but also adults. The symptoms in children can be worse than in adults, because they have undeveloped or weakened immune systems. Your kids enter in contact with pathogens like bacteria and viruses daily, and they suppress their immune system.

Children are more vulnerable to mold, because the immune system is developing from birth to adolescence, and theirs is not fully developed. Any threat to their health will disturb its balance and will lead to abnormal immune reactions like gut issues, inflammation, asthma and other similar conditions. They are all symptoms related to this fungus. When your children experience an adverse reaction to mold, it should not be considered an allergy, it is an immune reaction to this toxic fungus.

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