Emily is co-owner of Texas Mold Inspectors, (or TMI), along with her husband, in the Houston, TX area.  After her family’s devastating mold experience that not only injured her whole family, but also resulted in the loss of their youngest son Malachi, she and her husband have dedicated their lives to now educating and assisting families affected by toxic mold with their state-licensed mold assessment company.

Emily is the founder and owner of MAM. Additionally, she has recently started a non-profit organization in the name of her youngest son, called Malachi’s Message Foundation, to aid in financial support and offer hope to families who feel isolated and are unable to afford all the complex obstacles of overcoming a toxic mold exposure. Emily serves as Board Chair for Malachi’s Message Foundation. 

As a communication major in college and years of new home sales experience, REO sale and real estate pre-leasing, she has a deep understanding and passion in helping families navigate and heal their health and home from mold.   Emily considers one of her most valuable accomplishments is not only recovering her first son’s Sebastian’s health from his mold exposure; but finding a strong connection with God through their most challenging and devastating mold nightmare.

When Emily is not conducting calls or consulting for TMI, Malachi’s Message or MAM, she is tending to their newborn daughter Jocelyn or outside playing with her son Sebastian in between the everyday household chores. When she can she also enjoys researching the latest mold resources so that she can share it with others.  

Emily Rachal – Owner of Texas Mold Inspectors / Board Chair and Co-Founder of Malachi’s Message. 

Meet More Mom’s Against Mold


Founder / Executive Director of Malachi’s Message

Elizabeth is a self-proclaimed nerd who smiles at any image of talking animals, loves to laugh and cries fairly often. She grew up in Canada and has traveled the world. She was an athlete (basketball/ Volleyball), taught Junior High and Junior/Seniors who were kicked out of high school, has been a Youth pastor and led a worship team. She played the piano, is a coffee lover, thoroughly enjoys running and believes in Essential Oils. She’s a fan of country music and contemporary worship music.  Elizabeth’s husband was her first kiss at the age of 29 and she’s now a mother of two beautiful girls. Her family lives in a travel trailer and travels with her husband in his many adventures as a Power Lineman. They love reading, dance parties, being outside and one can often hear them singing a myriad of songs from “The Greatest Showman”.

Elizabeth’s heart rests with those needing to recover from mold. As of 2021, when Malachi’s Message began, She has taken the position of Executive Director for Malachi’s Message. Malachi’s Message is The first non profit that is all about financially helping those recover from mold. She is helping so many people as she has raised thousands in just a few short months since she took the role. 


Founder / Board Member of Malachi’s Message

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Tiffany grew up in South Texas enjoying the country life, playing sports, and instructing her stuffed animals.
She graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Horticulture and worked in the Landscape Design Industry. She then felt a heart tug to become a teacher and completed a Texas Teacher Certification Program; which led her to teach First Grade for 8 years. During that time she was a Reading Recovery Teacher; which is an intervention, for first graders that struggle with reading skills. While teaching, she was set up on a blind date, by a fellow teacher (her now mother-in-law).  Tiffany and her husband Matthew have two active boys and reside in the Montgomery area. This is where she encountered Toxic Mold and it impacted her and her family’s life dramatically. She now seeks to share her experience and knowledge with others that find themselves in a moldy situation; she longs to support and encourage them along the way. It’s her heart to see families get their health and lives back.


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