The Parrot’s Mold Story

Real People. Real Stories.


May 25, 2017, was the day we discovered a slow water leak that would radically change our lives. We had no idea the leak had existed since the very first day we turned our Master shower on back in May of 2013. For four years this leak provided a constant water source and just the right growing conditions for Toxic mold.


This mold and it’s toxins were wreaking havoc on our bodies, causing immune deficiencies, panic and anxiety attacks, bizarre rashes, failing eyesight, and chronic fatigue, strange speech patterns, lack of focus, sleeplessness, and even rage. My son’s inability to focus at school, almost caused him get held back a grade. My husband was having severe depression and panic attacks. I was suffering with fatigue and muscle pain so severe I had to crawl to the bathroom because it hurt to put weight on my legs. My children were suffering. My husband was suffering. We were suffering.


When you purchase something NEW, there is a sense of security you are purchasing as well. There is no wear and tear. You are confident that this newness equates to quality and that problems may come but not until WAY down the road. We had no idea why or what was causing us to be sick in this BRAND new house; that’s right, our brand new house until we discovered this leak in our master bathroom. After locating the leak due to a construction defect and discovering there was TOXIC mold that had taken up residence in our wall and spread it’s mycotoxin containing spores all over our house, we decided for the health of the whole family that vacating the house was the only option.

We had experienced so many declines in our health so we left it all behind. Years of belongings and precious mementos. Baby books and Bibles, everything. This was a traumatic and difficult time as we exchanged our comfortable 3500 sq ft home on a cul de sac with amazing neighbors with new mattresses on the floor in a 2 bedroom apartment, miles from our neighborhood for an entire year. It was isolating, confusing, and LONG. It felt like we had been sent to prison and were innocent of the crime. It seemed there was no end in sight. It seemed injustice would win and all that was stolen would not be given back. Through this time, God taught our family what is most important is our family. We were all together, we were all safe, and we were all starting to detox.


We visited a Doctor that treats mold toxicity and after extensive testing he determined that all four of us had the mold toxins in our bodies. These Mycotoxins are neurotoxins that can cause ALL of what we had experienced over the last 4 years! It was so good to hear we weren’t crazy and these were all symptoms of toxic mold exposure!! The year we spent out of our home our health improved significantly. Many of the symptoms listed above have been resolved but not all. Our old selves were emerging out of the ashes. It will take time to reverse the damage done and replace the things that went to the dump but we are grateful to God for walking with us through this and sending us an honest Mold Inspector that worked with us to get our house mold and mycotoxin free.


My hope is that I can share what I have learned and help people be more aware of the damage that mold can cause in our health and in our homes, and bring hope to hopeless situations. We are not alone in this battle! Oh, and my son that almost failed 5th grade is now making straight A’s and is recommended for pre-AP classes next year! I am so grateful God is restoring what was taken from us.