We found out the hard way and continued to get sicker because we had no idea that our mainstream medical doctors are not trained on mold illness or mold testing in medical school. Therefore, they kept writing us prescriptions for our symptoms versus looking for the true source that was causing us to stay sick no matter how many prescriptions we took. Mold Remediation was the true prescription that we needed prescribed for our home and not the many prescriptions prescribed to mask the symptoms the mold in our home was causing us. 

Fungal diseases range from relatively-minor superficial and mucosal infections to severe, life-threatening systemic infections. Delayed diagnosis and treatment can lead to poor patient outcomes and high medical costs. The overall burden of fungal diseases in the United States is challenging to quantify, because they are likely substantially underdiagnosed.(1)

“We estimate that fungal diseases cost more than $7.2 billion in 2017, including $4.5 billion from 75055 hospitalizations and $2.6 billion from 8993230 outpatient visits. Hospitalizations for Candida infections (n = 26735, total cost $1.4 billion) and Aspergillus infections (n = 14820, total cost $1.2 billion) accounted for the highest total hospitalization costs of any disease. Over half of outpatient visits were for dermatophyte infections (4981444 visits, total cost $802 million), and 3639037 visits occurred for non-invasive candidiasis (total cost $1.6 billion).”(1)

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If you are not getting better, Think mold. Get tested by a doctor that can test and treat you properly for mold illness. Click here to get a list of doctors in Texas that can test and treat you for mold. Also, get the environment in question assessed for mold growth and the sources of moisture  diagnosed (the moisture sources must be corrected, in order to prevent the mold from growing back) and lastly tested, if needed, to determine what kind of mold(s) are presently growing in your home and thus potentially affecting your indoor air quality and your health. 



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About the AuthorEmily Rachal

Emily Rachal is co-owner of Texas Mold Inspectors, (or TMI), along with her husband, in the Houston, TX area.  After her family’s devastating experience that not only injured her whole family, but also resulted in the loss of their youngest son Malachi, she and her husband have dedicated their lives to now educating and assisting families affected by toxic mold with their state-licensed mold inspection company.

Emily is the founder and owner of MAM. Additionally, she has recently started a non-profit organization in the name of her youngest son, called Malachi’s Message Foundation, to aid in financial support and offer hope to families who feel isolated and are unable to afford all the complex obstacles of overcoming a toxic mold exposure.

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