Mast Cell is one of the diagnoses that several of our clients have been diagnosed with, from and following their mold exposure. To learn more about Mast Cell, please listen to one of my favorite doctors on this planet, Dr. Jill Carnahan, who is discussing the diagnosis and treatment of Mast Cell with Dr. Sandeep Gupta in the following video. 

Mast Cell is not easy to overcome, as i’ve learned through the people I personally know who have it. It can be a very rough and frustrating journey. We pray for all that are dealing with Mast Cell that you find the right doctor and have a good support system around you.  

Like most, we too found that mold caused us to also experience Grief and all of it’s stages. It helped us and our support system to understand the stages of Grief. Grief is not just experienced when you lose someone. It is experienced when you lose something of value and when mold causes you to lose your health, most will grieve how that is currently affecting and has affected them. Please visit our Grief page and also share it with your support system. We hope it helps you as much as it helped us in our journey tp recovery.

About the AuthorEmily Rachal

Emily Rachal is co-owner of Texas Mold Inspectors, (or TMI), along with her husband, in the Houston, TX area.  After her family’s devastating experience that not only injured her whole family, but also resulted in the loss of their youngest son Malachi, she and her husband have dedicated their lives to now educating and assisting families affected by toxic mold with their state-licensed mold inspection company.

Emily is the founder and owner of MAM. Additionally, she has recently started a non-profit organization in the name of her youngest son, called Malachi’s Message Foundation, to aid in financial support and offer hope to families who feel isolated and are unable to afford all the complex obstacles of overcoming a toxic mold exposure.

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