Chronic Sinusitis Patients – Possible causes may be chronic inflammation and/or Mycotoxins produced by Nasal Fungi.

CHRONIC FUNGAL SINUSITIS AND SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED CANCER RISK.  Chronic exposure to mold/fungi and other micrograms are estimated to cause over 90% of cases of chronic sinusitis 1. A number of studies have reported that chronic sinusitis is associated with a significantly increases risk of many cancers. A large recent Chinese study of 32,677 chronic sinusitis patients and  98,031 controls examined rates of total cancers and specific cancers in this large cohort 2  Overall cancer rates were significantly higher by 24% in the chronic rhinosinusitis patients as compared to controls  (Odds Ratio or OR 1.24, 95% Confidence Interval or CI of 1.17-1.30) 2. Rates of specific cancers were also significantly increased in CRS patients for many cancer types including:

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